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13 Reasons Why Season 3. Will it Happen? Why it Shouldn't

13 Reasons Why was a compelling story both as a book and a Netflix Original Series. Season 2 hit the streaming service May 2018 to a divided audience. Fans of the series have been waiting to see what happens next, but some people (like the author of this post) feel that follow ups work against what was great about the original.

What really made season one stand out was the heavy reality of the story and the finality of the end. Watching the series finale left me with lasting effects creating an impact no TV show has before. Throughout the series you get to know Hannah Baker and grow to love her character. You know how her life comes to an end, but, much like suicidal people in real life, can't imagine that she would do that. The whole story is about showing you that everyone has struggles we don't understand, and that every action has a consequence.

As I watched the series, I expected a plot twist where she wasn't really dead and it was all someone's hospital bed fever dream. I also wondered how they could end things if Hannah was dead. Would they show her suicide or leave it as an off-screen implication? I was shocked to see that Netflix had the courage to show an unflinching view of suicide. The scene was very hard to watch as was the following scene of Hannah's parents finding her lifeless body. The fact that they did not shy away from the brutal reality gave the story sobering weight and power. After all was said and done, Hannah Baker was gone and we were left with the finality of her story.

Greed, however, lead to an unnecessary season 2. The sole reason for additional seasons of 13 Reasons why is ratings and money. The power of the original story is lost as the writers scramble to justify the show's existence. While they attempt to tackle more social issues like bullying, sexual assault and gun violence in schools, the story seems to be more geared to exploit these issues than address them. Furthermore, the impact of Hannah Baker's death is lost when her ghost is dredged up again and again for subsequent seasons.

Of course there is already talk about the third season of the popular Netflix Series and season two ended similarly to season one with the opening for another installment. The thing is, there is a fine line between showing dark and gritty reality to make audiences think, and exploiting it for shock value. 13 Reasons Why season one played hopscotch all over that line ultimately providing a thought provoking narrative. Sadly, additional offerings seem to have jumped the fence into shock entertainment territory. The entertainment industry being what it is, there will likely be a season 3, but hopefully the importance of the original story does not get completely buried under the quest for ratings.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please get it: Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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